Why DoughertyPM?

We help get the job done.

The Dougherty Project Management team brings a breadth and depth of leadership, technical and management experience to each project.

Our project management, business development, communication, and technical experience provide a set of skills and resources that complement and enhance your team’s skill set and experience. Together we can properly manage and lead the resources necessary to deliver a successful project.

Focus Areas

    • Telecommunications
    • Information Technology
    • Business Analysis
    • Marketing Communication

Our Philosophy

Dougherty Project Management takes a holistic approach to project management, understanding that while a project takes place in a finite time the effects of a project are felt throughout the organization for some time in the form of change, business development and innovation.

Project management, therefore, is more than just a project plan with tasks, deadlines and milestones. It is an organized, managed change agent for the organization. As such a variety of technical and inter-personal skills are necessary for the success of the project. We work with you and your leadership team to assure all necessary components are included in the process.